Painful Foot Condition Helped With Acupuncture

February 28, 2012

Vol. 12 Issue 88

When a person has constant pain in the bottom of their feet, life is not very pleasant. Walking is a difficult task when every step is uncomfortable. Athletic competition often needs to be put on hold, and getting any exercise at all becomes a very difficult task.

These are the lifestyle changes that frequently occur when a person develops plantar fasciitis. This is a condition that results when a broad, ligament-like area of the lower part of the foot (known as the plantar fascia, which extends from heel to toe) becomes inflamed. The condition strikes people with widely ranging lifestyles including most commonly those who are obese, and those who are athletes or that do a considerable amount of walking or standing. Medical treatment for the problem includes traditional therapies like ice, total rest, orthotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone shots or even surgery.

Traditional Acupuncture as well as electoacupuncture may offer considerable hope and relief for people who have come to live with this condition. Here is a success story from one woman named Pat Fokas who experienced relief with Acupuncture treatment: “Nothing worked to heal and take away the pain from my plantar fasciitis. I tried cortisone treatments, special orthotic shoe equipment, and anti-inflammatory medicines. Some days I could barely walk. Then my neighbor recommended Acupuncture. I am a 50 year old woman who has never visited an acupuncturist before this. Out of desperation I started treatment. It has been 6 months now and I no longer have any pain. I can wear any shoes and I can walk barefoot, which was impossible in the past due to the severe pain. I am a true believer.”

Relief along these lines was also noted by many of the 11 people who participated in a study at the Walther Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. The study was done to examine the effectiveness of electoacupuncture in the management of plantar fasciitis pain. Basically, the people in the study enjoyed marked reductions in foot pain with the condition improving quite quickly.

All of the people in this study had been experiencing pain for at least 2 months before receiving Acupuncture. Treatments were administered one time per week for a minimum of 6 weeks, usually lasting 20 to 30 minutes per session. Acupoints chosen for the treatment were located both in the heel area and the arch in the central region of the foot. Each person was asked specific questions about the amount of pain experienced at the beginning of treatment and this was compared to their later assessments after their sessions.

The results showed that electoacupuncture produced significant improvement, according to researchers. Of the 11 patients, 9 reported pain reduction at greater than 50 percent. Two patients reported that their condition was completely handled. This is good news for anyone who has suffered from this painful condition. A drug-free approach that brings relief in a relatively short period of time would very definitely be worth trying for anyone who wants to get back on their feet and on with normal living.

Source: Acupuncture Today. “Electoacupuncture for Plantar Fasciitis.” December 2001. and “Testimonials.”