Acupuncture for Women's Health: Addressing Menopause Symptoms in Naperville

Acupuncture for Women's Health: Addressing Menopause Symptoms in Naperville

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been used to treat a variety of ailments with the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body known as acupoints. These acupoints are said to be connected to energy pathways, or meridians, that run throughout the body. Stimulation of these acupoints is thought to bring balance to the body and improve health.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to help with women’s health. Women’s health can be complex, everchanging, and difficult to manage — especially when standard Western medicine practices are rooted in attempting to resolve symptoms, not the root cause of your condition. Our clinic has helped thousands of women regain their health by balancing their hormones, improving circulation, and correcting the root cause of their health issues without dealing with the side effects of pharmaceuticals. When it comes to dealing with the symptoms of menopause, holistic acupuncture treatment is no different. We have over 17 years of experience in helping women with hormonal imbalances due to perimenopause and menopause. Our team of medical professionals at The Emperor’s Medicine offer acupuncture as a safe, natural, and non-invasive way to help transition your body into the stage of menopause and ease symptoms.


Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms experienced by women in menopause and are often the reason many women seek treatment. As hot flashes can come suddenly, feel very intense, and can occur for about two years, it is worth seeking treatment to help relieve them. These hot flashes are caused by the decline of hormone production, which increases body temperature. Acupuncture can help rebalance these hormone levels, improve circulation, and bring balance back to the energy levels that are affected by menopause, which helps to relieve the severity of hot flashes.



Acupuncture is also beneficial to ease any pains or aches that may result from menopause. When you receive acupuncture, the central nervous system is stimulated and releases endorphins into the body. These endorphins are the body’s natural pain-relievers, which work to alleviate pains. With more endorphins, serotonin levels will also increase, which will boost overall energy and mood, allowing you to be more active and not held back from any menopausal aches or pains.


Mood Swings and Anxiety

The hormone imbalance from menopause can also cause mood swings, anxiety, and brain fogs. With the right acupuncture points, the brain’s neurotransmitters can be altered in order to regain hormonal balance and reduce cortisol, the stress-related hormone. With reduced cortisol and increased serotonin, many patients experience an overall positive mood state. Using acupuncture to treat these symptoms offers a natural remedy without the risk of side effects that come from medications commonly used to treat mood-related hormone imbalances.


Vaginal Dryness

As estrogen levels decline, the vagina experiences changes such as thinning and atrophy, which can cause vaginal dryness. Dryness can lead to painful sex, recurring UTIs, and burning or itching sensations in the vagina. Vaginal dryness is a lingering symptom of menopause as it is a physical change to the organ. However, acupuncture can bring balance back into the symptom by releasing the neurochemicals needed to increase fluid levels in the body.

Here at The Emperor’s Medicine, we have been specializing in women’s health for 17 years, and with a holistic approach, we aim to heal the root of the problem. If you are suffering from the symptoms of menopause, we highly recommend trying acupuncture treatment. Please contact us to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you regain your health and improve your quality of life. Contact us today to start your holistic healing journey!

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