Normal Is Not Optimal: Understanding Your Lab Work

January 07, 2019

We have many patients that come to Dr. Selma feeling fatigued, weak, sometimes in pain, with or without a myriad of other symptoms. Dr. Selma asks the patients about their recent lab results and 90% of the time, the patient responds “my lab test came back normal”. Well, that raises another question for us as practitioners, if they were normal… WHY do you feel this way?

According to Dr. Gary, our Director of Functional Medicine, lab result ranges are based on 2% of the population. Again, that raises another question as a practitioner, WHAT about the 98%?

As a patient with and Auto Immune Disease, I have been to many doctors who have told me that my lab results are normal and even though I felt beyond crappy. I was told that it could be because of every day stress or that I am depressed and that there is an anti-depressant that I could try to see if that helps?

I have had lab results that were borderline according to the “normal” ranges and doctors felt that it was not of concern. I have also learned that many doctors find it challenging to interpret lab tests.

 “Normal” result are a statistical construct. To decide what’s normal the level, of say blood sugar, is measured in a given, normal population. Then, the sugar level of that population is deemed as the normal range.

Or you can have truly abnormal results, but it doesn’t mean that you are dying?

The wonderful thing about The Emperor’s Medicine… if you come to us and tell us how your are feeling, we are going to address the root cause of your possible issue by using our state of the art laboratory testing that looks beyond the “normal” ranges of everyday lab work.

Attend our free seminar Normal Is Not Optimal: Understanding Your Lab Work Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 7pm here at The Emperor’s Medicine so that Dr. Gary Tennant can explain your results.