Auto Immune Disorders

August 15, 2018

Auto Immune Disorders: where the immune system attacks the body and alters, or in some cases, destroys tissue and organs. There are close to 100 of these diseases, including Type 1 diabetes, Lupus, Crohn’s Disease and Thyroid Disorders. Auto Immune Disorders are so complex, that most physicians do what they can to manage the symptoms of the disorder.


Manage…. How? Medication, right?


Medication may sound like a great idea, until your body finds a way to adapt to the foreign chemically compounded elements. Then what? More medication??? Well, that is up to you…


Did You Know... ???


Only Specialized Blood Tests Can Detect Auto Immune Disorders I bet that your blood tests come back “normal” when you’re not feeling “normal”? Well we offer specialized testing and our “normal” ranges are outside of what conventional medicine considers “normal”. In most cases, if your Basic Metabolic Profile, CBC, and/or Comprehensive Metabolic Profile comes back within normal range, more than likely no additional testing will be performed. Sound Familiar?


Auto Immune Diseases are the Leading Cause of Death and Disability for Women Under Age 65 no one knows exactly why, these disorders just so happen to be more common in women than men.



Why not address the root cause of your issue?


In Oriental Medicine, auto immune disorders are caused by bodily imbalances. Acupuncture has been proven effective in restoring the balance in the body and addressing the root cause of symptoms that are different in each patient.


Here at The Emperor’s Medicine, along with acupuncture, our team will develop a treatment program specific to your needs, including a combination of therapies which will reduce stress, moderate physical activity, herbal medicine and supplements, comprehensive laboratory testing, and nutritional support.


One of the missions of our Integrative Medicine Clinic is to save lives, not just to prolong it. If you or someone that you know suffers from an auto-immune disorder, call us to schedule your life changing comprehensive consultation with our practitioners.