Ask Dr. Gary: Which Conditions Have the Greatest Success with Functional Medicine?

September 26, 2018
Ask Dr. Tennant, The Director of Functional Medicine at The Emperor's Medicine:

Dr. Tennant, What Conditions Have the Greatest Success When Using a Functional Medicine Approach?


Thyroid Disorders: Especially Hypothyroidism. One of the leading causes of fatigue, especially in women.
Auto Immune Issues: Lupus, MS and Fibromyalgia just to name a few. Do not let anyone tell you that there is no effective treatments, there are functional medicine practitioners that help people on a daily basis with autoimmune problems. Lauren, our practice manager, is a product of the Functional Medicine program. She suffered with Systemic Lupus, Lauren now takes no medications after being on seven for the "management" of her Lupus symptoms. (Check out our Auto Immune Seminar on 10/17, details below!)
Diabetes: Most blood sugar issues in adults can be resolved with an approach that strengthens the GI system, decreases toxicity, and brings down inflammation. Most patients finish not needing any medications.
Cardiovascular Issues: When the correct dietary approach is combined with high quality supplementation, the blood work improves dramatically. Most MD's are astonished with the improvements.
Arthritis: When inflammation is present in the body it often affects joints. Patients who get results love that they can greatly diminish their consumption of medications that have a multitude of side effects.

Why continue to suffer?

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