4 Health Issues That Acupuncture Can Address

November 09, 2020

It's understandable if acupuncture makes you a little nervous. It does, after all, involve inserting needles into the skin. Typically, an acupuncturist will use somewhere between five and 20 needles during a single appointment, and this may be a little intimidating if you're not familiar with Chinese medicine. But there's a reason why acupuncture has been relied upon for centuries. And for that matter, a lot of people don't realize that you can't simply pick up acupuncture as a practice. You need to be qualified in order to work as an acupuncturist. If you choose your acupuncturist carefully and pick a practice that specializes in functional medicine, there are a lot of things that you can do to take advantage of acupuncture's many benefits. Let's look into some of the health and wellness issues that acupuncture can potentially treat.

1. Foot Pain

Countless Americans suffer from chronic foot pain without even realizing that it's an issue they can treat. Many assume that foot pain is something that everyone deals with, when in fact it's often the result of tension or the beatings our feet take as we walk about in shoes that don't support them on a regular basis. Fortunately, there is acupuncture for foot arch pain and foot pain in general, meant to help relieve those aches that keep you from fully relaxing. The way that acupuncture can work for foot pain is by essentially stimulating acupoints in the foot and encouraging blood flow that will allow the feet to loosen up and lose a lot of their tension. This can be especially helpful for women who often wear high heels, as well as those who don't properly warm up their feet before they begin exercising.

2. Infertility

Now, there is no singular cure for infertility, in part because the causes of infertility are varied and can affect both sexes. However, infertility acupuncture has long been of interest to experts, and with good reason. Although this type of Chinese medicine cannot be relied upon solely to treat infertility, it can potentially be used in conjunction with other infertility treatments. Acupuncture has specifically been used to treat uterine fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and both low sperm and egg counts. Though the success of acupuncture when used to treat infertility can vary, it has been linked with helping people relax as they deal with infertility, which in itself can be hugely helpful. Furthermore, it can be used to treat some of the bloating and nausea issues associated with fertility drugs.

3. Thyroid Issues

A big problem that acupuncture and other types of Chinese medicine are often used to treat is the dreaded thyroid issue. Now, thyroid issues are varied, but in general, they can affect everything from your mood to your weight. One of the most common thyroid problems that acupuncture has been used to treat is hypothyroidism, in which the thyroid is underactive. Acupuncture for thyroid issues is essentially meant to stimulate blood flow to the thyroid much as it would direct blood flow to the feet for foot pain. For that matter, acupuncture is sometimes used in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicine to stimulate the kidney energy channel, ultimately aiding in the treatment of hypothyroidism.

4. Anxiety

Now, you may not think of this particular type of Chinese medicine being used to treat anxiety. After all, don't a lot of people have anxiety about needles? Anxiety is not always surrounding common fears, and in fact, sometimes occurs unprovoked. Acupuncture has been linked to a reduction in anxiety, and many find the experience soothing. Acupuncture is meant to relax rather than cause pain or anxiety, and in some cases, the properly applied acupuncture needles can be just what a person needs to treat anxiety symptoms.

You do need to be careful when choosing an acupuncturist. Don't take for granted that because a person has come recommended or has seemingly good reviews online that they are a qualified and prepared acupuncturist. You need to work with someone licensed and discuss your treatment plan before proceeding. But acupuncture could very well change your life for the better, and it's worth looking into.