Therapeutic Massage

October 03, 2018

Therapeutic Massage: Frequently Asked Questions

by Roberta Wind, LMT

What takes place during a therapeutic massage?


Upon arrival you will be asked to complete a confidential intake form and health history.  The therapist will discuss your expectations and explain the benefits of massage therapy specific to your needs.  Before the session you will privately remove your clothes to your comfort level and go under the sheet and blanket lying face down (prone) The therapist will begin with an assessment using compression techniques and be able to evaluate your needs.  You will remain fully draped except for the areas being massaged.  Using a light cream, the therapist will perform therapy using various techniques to promote circulation and healing, asking for feedback on comfortable pressure. The goal is to promote circulation and help the client relax, utilizing other tools such as relaxing music, aromatherapy in a quiet comfortable setting  The only interruption to your session will be when asked to turn over to massage the body in face up position (supine)  After the session, feel free to ask questions and the therapist will offer suggestions to continue your wellness at home and discuss further sessions.  Drinking more water than usual after the session  will help continue the effects of massage by releasing any toxins in the body. 



What are the benefits of therapeutic massage? 


According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) 72% indicate  the prime reason people receive massage is medical:  43% medical, 29% stress.  Some benefits listed below:


Increase range of motion

Reduce fibromyalgia pain

Reduce Low back pain

Relieves stress

Reduce postoperative pain

Reduce joint replacement pain

Manage low back pain

Help chronic neck pain

Reduce muscle tension

Relieve tension headaches

Sleep better

Ease symptoms of depression

Reduce osteoarthritis pain

Decrease migraine frequency

Improve cardiovascular health

Improve balance in older people

Decrease rheumatoid arthritis

Temper effects of dementia

Lower blood pressure

Promote relaxation



How often should I receive a massage?


Many clients are receiving massage in coordination with Dr. Selma  acupuncture or Dr. Gary functional medicine sessions.  Massage therapy complements their healing and appointments can be made in coordination with their sessions to help with ease of scheduling.  A good strategy is to listen to your body and follow its lead as to how you feel when receiving massage and how it helps in your quest for wellness.  The massage therapist is happy to accommodate  your busy schedule and the receptionist will make appropriate appointments for you.  If you prefer continual massage therapy you can discuss packages such as buy 5 sessions and get the 6th free.  Take advantage of the upgrades such as hot stone therapy, reiki energy, reflexology, cold stone facials, foot scrubs and aromatherapy to enhance your experience. 



Am I expected to tip the massage therapist?


Tips are not expected but very appreciated.  Massage therapists receive a percentage of the massage fee  and  clients typically show their appreciation for a session with an average of  10 to 25% 



Who can benefit from massage?  



 There are circumstances where massage is contraindicated and based on your health history that will be determined by the massage therapist.  

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