Restorative Yoga here at The Emperor's Medicine

July 26, 2018

Still have questions as to WHY you should practice Restorative Yoga here at The Emperor's Medicine? Well, we took the time out of our day to answer most of the questions that you may have.

Enhance Your Flexibility

All forms of yoga help make you bend more, but regular use of restorative poses helps you to get there faster.

However, Restorative yoga is not a stretching class and there is no end goal involved, like being able to touch your toes after 10 sessions. You are exploring what happens when you release the tension your body habitually holds.

Benefit from Deep and Full Stretches

Active practice is great, but there’s only so long that you can stay in a backbend without feeling the burn. Long, supported poses help your body to fully engage, soften, and allow the precise positioning to work its magic. You do not have to do much work.

Where is the Stress?

Restorative poses give you the opportunity to notice where you hold stress ans tension in your body. When known, you can make small changes in your everyday life to reduce the stress and tension you allow to build up in your body.

Give Your Immune System that Necessary Boost

 Regular restorative yoga helps to improve your immune system and makes you less prone to cold and flu viruses flying around.

Lose Weight and Trim Fat

Studies show that restorative yoga helps overweight people trim fat and found that people practicing yoga lost more subcutaneous fat. Restorative yoga reduces cortisol levels—of which high levels are linked to increased abdominal fat.

Balance Those Nerves

Engage your nervous system and take your body into renewal and rejuvenation. You will optimize energy flow to the organs,  and have a  reduced “fight or flight” response.

Quiet That Busy Mind of Yours

Restorative yoga can be a calming hug for your overstimulated mind, just because your body is at  rest does not mean your mind will become silent. With restorative yoga practice, you will learn how to get into a place of stillness and be peacefully content in the present moment.

Heal Emotional Pain

Just as you need to build physical strength after illness, you need to heal emotional injuries. Restorative poses offer soothing care for when you are processing the loss of a loved one or a relationship, coming to terms with a change in your life, or dealing with depression or anxiety.

Recover from Illness

Restorative yoga provides healing powers which we all need! Whether or not you’re recovering from a virus, a broken bone,  or a chronic illness. You can  practice when your energy is low and your body is looking to building strength.

You may feel vulnerable,  or anxious when practicing Restorative yoga... this is okay! It  is all part of the wonderful, fufilling  process of creating your space and letting GO. 

Some poses help yourlungs, some assist your heart. Other poses benefit the entire body. All are life-enhancing when practiced regularly.

For a limited time only, one hour restorative yoga classes are $30 here at The Emperor's Medicine. Call now to reserve your spot! 630-428-9001

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