January 10, 2018

With excitement, The Emperor’s Medicine introduces Functional Medicine to the practice. Functional medicine is a patient centered approach which like, Chinese Medicine, corrects the root cause of illness. Here at The Emperor’s Medicine, we believe that Functional Medicine addresses the health care needs of the 21st Century.

You, or someone you know, may go in for a doctor’s visit because you have some unusual symptoms. The nurse takes your vitals and SURPRISE! Your blood pressure is 170/90 at which time you are diagnosed with hypertension (and maybe a few other things from your “routine” lab work). Your physician may prescribe you a medication that is an ACE Inhibitor or Beta Blocker to take one or a few times a day.

What happens when you forget to take your prescribed medication?

Answer: More than likely, your blood pressure goes back up.

Maybe you’re the one who always remembers to take their medication, but now you’re feeling a bit more tired lately or having some problems in the bedroom? These are just a few side effects of pharmaceuticals.

What’s my point?

We are about to get to that:

With state of the art lab testing, Functional Medicine will address the root cause of what is causing your high blood pressure, headaches, blood sugar, thyroid problems…etc. and not just cover up the symptoms that you have from your disorder. If your case is accepted at The Emperor’s Medicine, through the relationship that you establish with Selma, your compliance, and education, optimal wellness can be achieved.

We specialize in disorders that include: Autoimmune, Blood Sugar, Allergies, Fatigue, Stress, Weight Issues, Thyroid, and there are many more!

Call us NOW at 630.428.9001 to schedule your complementary consultation and find out how functional medicine can help you.