I'm Not A Medical Doctor But…

July 16, 2012

Hello All,

This will be the first of my weekly post of “I’m not a Medical doctor but…”. These post will have lots of information about health, natural wellness, and preventing illness naturally. I am an board certified Acupuncturist in Illinois and I have a thriving practice. I’ve studied Orientl Medicine in Beijing, China and I am in the process of writing a book.

In Chinese Medicine we have many different methods of diagnosis but of all the methods, 2 are considered to be the most reliable: inspection of the tongue and palpation of the pulse of both wrists. This week we will talk about the tongue.

Take a moment and look at your tongue. Ok, what do you see? Is it red, purpleish, pink or pale pink? Do you have a coat on your tongue? If so, is it thick, or thin, white or yellow? Do you have cracks on your tongue?

A healthy tongue fits comfortably in the mouth and is smooth, moist, pink and firm with a thin white coat that covers the upper surface.

A red tongue will show heat in the body. A Pale tongue will show blood deficiency in the body. A purple tongue can show blood stagnation in the body. A dry tongue can show that the fluids of the body are being dried up which would show in something like menopause. A thick and greasy tounge coat could show food stagnation in the stomach. A red tongue that has a yellow coat that is dry is a sign that something HOT is going on in the body. The tongue is red because the body is holding heat, the coat is yellow because the heat has tured it from white to yellow (cooking it), and it is dry because the heat has dried up all the fluids. Get it? Kind of?

Changes in the tongue can reflect changes in the health of the body.

For example: if you have no tongue coat with a red dry tongue, that would indicate a Yin Deficiency condition which could show as bronchitis, gastritis, hypertension or other conditions depending on the other symptoms.

I could go on and on about the tongue but we would be here all day!

So the next time you visit your acupuncturist watch your tongue change as your body gets better!!

Good health and Peace,