Become Part of a Larger Healing System with Chinese Herbal Medicine

July 14, 2020

In North America, the wellness market has shown growth up to 6.9% annually. Part of the increase in the annual wellness market is due to Chinese herbal medicine. You may be wondering what this type of medicine involves. It’s actually part of a larger healing system known as traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. TCM includes different aspects of personal care including massage, exercise, acupuncture, and advice. It is vastly different from the notions of traditional Western ideas concerning illness, the working of the body, and health.

Chinese herbal medicine is given to help adjust an imbalance in energy or your Qi. Qi runs through the invisible meridians in your body. Prescribed Chinese herbal remedies are known to successfully treat a range of different health disorders, particularly gastrointestinal and gynecological disorders, and restore balance. Keep reading to find out how Chinese herbal medicine can help you feel better.

There Are Five Elements to Chinese Herbal Medicine

The five elements of TCM state that everything, including the organs of your body, is composed of earth, fire, water, metal, and wood. The herbs for Chinese herbal medicine are classified similarly into five tastes, salty, sweet, pungent, bitter, and sour. The tastes correspond with the elements. The elements are treated using the tastes, so to speak. For example, skin is known as the metal element organ, so it is treated with pungent herbs.

Herbal Medicine Assist Your Overall Health

It stands to reason that you want to take care of your overall health and well-being. Are you currently battling a sickness, recovering from an injury, or do you just need a therapeutic massage? Let therapists that specialize in herbal and natural medicine take care of you using Chinese herbal medicine. They are capable of successfully diagnosing and treating many conditions. Those conditions include circulatory disorders, eye, nose, throat, and ear disorders, immune disorders, gynecological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, addiction, respiratory disorders, and psychological and emotional disorders.

You Can Trust the Chinese Herbs Expert Therapists Use

Typically, Chinese herbs that are used in natural medicine have already been tested for safety from bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. Clinics that offer Chinese herbal treatments have put the time and effort into learning everything they can about them, including advanced studies. This gives herbal medicine clinics the innate ability to provide herbal remedies of the highest quality. Classic herbal formulas are used along with collection formulas for more complex cases. All you need to do is make an appointment to speak with a therapist. They will need to know what type of medications you may already be taking since some types of herbs don’t mix with pharmaceutical drugs.

How Is Chinese Medicine Used for Patients?

Most Chinese herbal meds are plant-based. Some may also include animal products or minerals. Since natural herbs used for medicine have different intended uses, they may be packaged accordingly as pastes, powders, tablets, or lotions. Herbs tend to have different properties and are meant to balance certain parts of the human system. A diagnosis takes into account your current state of balance along with the elements that govern the affected organs. Then you will be prescribed particular herbs or a concoction of herbs to get you back in balance.

What Are Chinese Herbal Formulas Used For?

Since some ailments and imbalances may include more than one part of the body, it may take a formula of herbs to effectively treat a patient. Formulas are used to enhance your immune system, stabilize and regulate hormone levels, treat anxiety, treat allergies, treat depression, help with weight loss, hormonal disorders, gynecological disorders, infertility, and much more. You may also be asked to make changes to your diet. Dietary changes are an imperative part of the body’s healing process.

Always seek assistance from a TCM practitioner. Herbs prescribed to you are meant to restore your energy balance and to be taken as directed. There may also be other natural treatments combined with herbal medicine that helps, as well.