Acupuncture Studies With Autism

March 20, 2012

Acupuncture Studies Show Significant Improvement in Autism

Vol 15 Issue 78

According to three studies conducted over the last few years, Acupuncture may be just what kids with autism need to improve their condition.

Two of the studies involved giving children scalp Acupuncture. The most recent was published in August, 2011, and an earlier one was published in 2008. A third study, which used electro-acupuncture, is from July, 2010.

In one of the scalp Acupuncture studies, researchers worked with 70 children aged 2 through 6. Of the 70 children, 40 received music therapy and structured teaching. Structured teaching involves helping the children set up and organize their physical environment and minimizing physical and auditory distractions. The secondgroup, consisting of the remaining 30 children, also participated in music therapy and structured teaching, but 60 treatments of scalp Acupuncture were added to their treatment.

A study involving electro-acupuncture consisted of 12 sessions with participants aged 3 through 18. It was the first double-blind, randomized, controlled study ever conducted using electro-acupuncture for autism.

Significant positive results were seen in all studies. They included improvement in:

• intelligence

• language ability

• social adaptive ability

• language comprehension

• self-care ability

• social initiation

• receptive language • motor skills and coordination, including better writing ability, writing within the lines, better walking posture, speed of walking, and the ability to go up and down stairs

• coordination

• attention span

The exact number of people with autism in the U.S. is unknown, although it is known that the numbers have increased – autism used to affect about 1 in 5,000 children; some estimate that the numbers are now closer to 1 in 500.

No single cause has been established, but natural healthcare treatments – vitamin and mineral supplementation, reduction of chemicals in the diet, the body, and the environment, elimination of foods to which the person may be allergic or sensitive, and, now, Acupuncture – have been found to be very effective in a number of clinical trials.

If you know someone with autism, make sure they have this information.

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