Acupuncture: A Natural Remedy To Help You De-stress

August 01, 2019

Day to day life is often filled to the brim with little stress kernels that are just waiting to burst into even bigger stress popcorns. Between work, your social life, and trying to make time to care for yourself, it can seem like there aren't enough hours in the day. The reality is that up to 80% of Americans deal with significant amounts of stress every single day.

While not a recommended substitute for standard medical care, there are plenty of natural medicinal options that may help manage daily stress or pain. Acupuncture is a widespread, popular method of relaxation that originated thousands of years ago from Chinese medical practices. By inserting needles into very specific places on the body, acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, which aid in pain relief.

How Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture can act as a natural treatment for ailments such as anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, and migraines. This method of treatment has also helped some people quit smoking and end other addictions. However, acupuncture procedures provide mainly short-term relief and should not be considered permanent remedies.

Which Procedure to Choose

About 29% of people who are struggling to become pregnant might investigate a myriad of possible medical treatments, including infertility acupuncture. Scientific results are not conclusive about whether or not the procedure reliably increases the probability of pregnancy, but this has become an increasingly popular option for many.

Another natural medicinal option is cosmetic acupuncture. This can serve as an alternative to surgical facelifts. This treatment aims to spark rejuvenation in the skin and fight the common symptoms of aging.

Acupuncture for dry eyes is another remedy to consider. The days are long, the air growing ever dryer, and we are likely staring at screens most of the time. Dry eye syndrome can be caused by the tear ducts not sufficiently providing lubrication, which can lead to irritation or even tearing of the surface of the eye. People who receive acupuncture for dry eyes have typically found a 76% improvement in their symptoms over people who only use eye drops.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, dry eyes can be caused by an overheating or imbalance of the body's organs. Getting acupuncture for dry eyes can assist in reanimating blood flow and reorienting the body's qi, or life force.

For anyone looking to manage thyroid disease or the pain and stress that comes with it, acupuncture for thyroid health offers remedies in this field as well. It relies on the idea that acupuncture can improve muscle stiffness and blood circulation while reducing inflammation and sensitivity to pain. Other methods to help manage thyroid disease can include dietary therapy and herbal medicine.

What To Expect From Acupuncture Treatments

While acupuncture is relatively harmless, but minor possible side effects might include pain, bleeding, dizziness, nausea, or bruising. It's important to do your research to make sure your acupuncturist is a licensed, certified professional. Side effects may be worse for people with certain conditions, so check with your doctor before following through with any acupuncture procedures.

Once you've made an informed decision about your acupuncturist of choice and concluded which form of acupuncture is right for you, you're off to your day of treatment. You will likely be asked to fill out a form detailing your medical history, diet and general lifestyle, as well as your emotional state.

Whether you're looking into acupuncture for dry eyes, or the treatment of other physical ailments, or simply for relaxation, these natural remedies offer the kind of pain relief that may be just what the doctor ordered.